ENC28J60 Network Module 8-Channel Network Contrller For Arduino Smart Home

ENC28J60 Network Module 8-Channel  Network Contrller For Arduino Smart Home
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Product Introduction:
    16-channel network module is a network-based relay control module base on 32bit system, This module can use the internet or intranet router control relay module, Thus,Complete remote control of electrical switches, achieve the purpose of power centralized management. It can be set directly through the IE browser and control.
    Applications: home decoration, hotels, shopping malls factories, cafes, karaoke oK timer management, daily office, shop surveillance, physical networking, industrial control equipment, testing equipment power control, unattended, underground pipelines, mining equipment, ships, aircraft stations room, street management, intelligent management and centralized management.
    When connecting the high-voltage power supply modules, please note the wiring to prevent equipment damage caused by short circuit.
Technical Specifications:
External power supply voltage: 5.5VDC 2A Max
Relays can be accessed: 16
Electronic switch life: 100,000 times
Working temperature: -30 ~ 85℃
Size: 47*48*20mm
1. Set IP in Internet Attribute
2. Default IP    Port:30000
   Open Browser and input .Enter the control interface
3. Relay control HTTP Command:
Relay 1-8Bit Command:
http://IP/Port/00 : Relay-01 OFF
http://IP/Port/01 : Relay-01 ON
http://IP/Port/02 : Relay-02 OFF
http://IP/Port/03 : Relay-02 ON
http://IP/Port/04 : Relay-03 OFF
http://IP/Port/05 : Relay-03 ON
http://IP/Port/06 : Relay-04 OFF
http://IP/Port/07 : Relay-04 ON
http://IP/Port/08 : Relay-05 OFF
http://IP/Port/09 : Relay-05 ON
http://IP/Port/10 : Relay-06 OFF
http://IP/Port/11 : Relay-06 ON
http://IP/Port/12 : Relay-07 OFF
http://IP/Port/13 : Relay-07 ON
http://IP/Port/14 : Relay-08 OFF
http://IP/Port/15 : Relay-08 ON
Relay 9-16Bit Command:
http://IP/Port/16 : Relay-09 OFF
http://IP/Port/17 : Relay-09 ON
http://IP/Port/18 : Relay-10 OFF
http://IP/Port/19 : Relay-10 ON
http://IP/Port/20 : Relay-11 OFF
http://IP/Port/21 : Relay-11 ON
http://IP/Port/22 : Relay-12 OFF
http://IP/Port/23 : Relay-12 ON
http://IP/Port/24 : Relay-13 OFF
http://IP/Port/25 : Relay-13 ON
http://IP/Port/26 : Relay-14 OFF
http://IP/Port/27 : Relay-14 ON
http://IP/Port/28 : Relay-15 OFF
http://IP/Port/29 : Relay-15 ON
http://IP/Port/30 : Relay-16 OFF
http://IP/Port/31 : Relay-16 ON
4. View relay status command
http://IP/Port/99 : Feedback current I/O status by 16 ACSII . MSB is for the first bit.and LSB for 16th bit.
E.g : Return 1111000011110000 It is means Relay 1-4 is ON,Relay 5-8 is OFF,Relay 9-12 is ON,Relay 13-16 is OFF.
5. Modify IP
http://IP/Port/41 : When modify IP,the Relay-01 must not be 0, Relay-01~04 all can not be greater than 255.Port can not be 0.
6. Restore Default
LED will flash once when short press button.
Long press button and don't release until LED lit aways.Then release button ,the led will off.It said it is to restore the factory settings. IP  and Port 30000

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