Sim900a sim900a gprs module development board gsm

Sim900a sim900a gprs module development board gsm
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  • SIM900A Introduction:

    SIM900A module introduction:

    1. Board SIZE: 4.5X5CM

    2. Power supply Pin: 

      Voltage: 3.8-4.5V(4.2V is better)

      Current: >1A(2A is better)

    Please meet above requirment, or else the board will be burned.


    sim900 series SIMCOM company produced industrial GPRS module, small, multi-function, without socket connection pads, embedded TCP protocol, wide temperature range (minus 40  ~ 85 ), lead-free processes, support for environmental protection

    SIM900A is the streamlined version of SIM900 streamlined version, this version is a low power, compact, cost-effective choice, highly recommended.

SIM900 minimum system:

1, size: 4.5 * 5cm

Supply pins: VBTA: voltage :3.5-4 .5 v (recommended 4V) Current: 1A, we must pay attention to: the voltage and current must satisfy this condition, the module must not use! The 5V directly connected modules are burned.

The, communications pin: RX TX GND recommended 3.3V MCU to use, the 5V MCU you want to add level conversion module, then the computer use usb to TTL or serial cable +3.3 VMAX3232 communication.

4, the boot pin: S-POWERKEY to high 1S to open the module. Module is turned on the lamp and probably 1S flashes once when the card is connected to the network, the module is probably 3s blink once.
5, LED: power indicator, the module signal indication, serial communication instructions

6, clamshell SIM card connector, with EMI immunity circuit.

7, core board with fixing holes and the auxiliary fixed pin, can be embedded directly into your production which, convenient, stable, fast.


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