Leonardo starter kit

Leonardo starter kit
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For Arduino UNO R3  Board Component Basic Element Pack Starter Kit Breadboard Light dependent resistors Flame sensor etc. 
Brand New For Arduino UNO r3  Component Basic Element Pack Starter Kit
Compatible With Arduino
Great For Arduino Starters and Beginners


24 list =1box =1Unit !!!! Thank you for your purchase!


Hello World ! 1
LED flashes experiments. 2
PWM -control light levels experiment 3
Advertising light water experiment  4
Button control LED experiment 5
Traffic light design experiments 6
Responder experiments  7
Buzzer experiments 8
Analog value read experimental 9
Light control sound experiment 10
Photosensitive light experiment 11
LM35 temperature sensor experiment 12
Tilt switch experiments  13
Fire alarm experimental 14
Digital tube experiments  15
Four digital tube display experiment 16
A 74HC595 application experiments 17
Servo control experiments 18
Infrared remote experiments 19
1602 LCD module experiment 20
PS2 joysticks experiment 21
Stepper motor experiment 22
Three-color RGB module experiment 23
Relay Module Experiment 24

Package :
1.        1pcs x for Arduino UNO board

2.        1pcs x Development expansion board

3.        1 pcsx Breadboard

4.        1pcs x LED emitter kit (red / blue / yellow; each 5pcs)

5.        1 pcsx 74hc595

6.        2 pcsx Buzzers

7.        1pcs x Seven-segment display (1-digit)

8.        1pcs x Seven-segment display (4-digit)

9.        10pcsx Push button switches

10.      3pcs x Light dependent resistors

11.      5pcs x 10K resistors

12.      5pcs x 1K resistors

13.      8pcs x 220R resistors

14.      1pcs x Adjustable resistor

15.     1pcs x LM35 temperature sensor

16.     1pcs x 1602 LCD display

17.     1pcs x PS2 joystick

18.     1pcs x Stepping motor

19.     1pcs x Stepping motor driver board

20.     1pcs x Steering engine

21.     1pcs x RGB module

22.     30pcs x Breadboard cables

23.     10pcs x Dupont lines

24.     1pcs x 2.54mm pin header

25.     2pcs x Mercury switches

26.     1pcs x Flame sensor

27.     1pcs x Infrared receiver

28.     1pcs x USB cable (80cm)

29.     1pcs x Remote control 

30.     1pcs x Battery case



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