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 ICs for sound/music


Part No. ISD4002 Series ChipCorder
Datasheet  ISD4002.pdf
Description The ISD4002 ChipCorderR series provides high-quality, 3-volt, single-chip record/playback solutions for 2- to 4-minute messaging applications ideally for cellular phones and other portable products. The CMOS-based devices include an on-chip oscillator!Banti-aliasing filter!Bsmoothing filter!BAutoMuteR feature!Baudio amplifier!Band high density multilevel Flash memory array. The ISD4002 series is designed to be used in a microprocessor- or microcontroller-based system. Address and control are accomplished through a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) or Microwire Serial Interface to minimize pin count. Recordings are stored into the on-chip Flash memory cells!Bproviding zero-power message storage. This unique single-chip solution utilizes Nuvoton!|s patented multilevel storage technology. Voice and audio signals are directly stored onto memory array in their natural form!Bproviding high-quality voice reproduction.
Diagram Block Diagram
Application Diagram
  • Non-volatile message storage using patented multi-level storage (MLS)
  • Full range of Record and Playback Durations (6 Seconds to 17 Minutes)
  • 4.0 to 12.0KHz Sampling Frequency provides Industry-Leading Sound Quality
  • Designed for Message Management
    • Single/Multiple messages
    • Voice prompting
  • Fully Integrated System Functions
    • AGC
    • Microphone preamplifier
    • Speaker drivers
    • Oscillator
    • Flash Memory
  • Low Voltage Operation
  • Customizable and localizable for different markets and languages
Other Files N/A
Development Tools Evaluation System: ISD-ES302


Part Number Duration Sample Rate Package Evaluation System
ISD4002-120 2.0 min 8.0 DIP!BSOIC!BTSOP!BDie ISD-ES302
ISD4002-150 2.5 min 6.4 DIP!BSOIC!BTSOP!BDie ISD-ES302
ISD4002-180 3.0 min 5.3 DIP!BSOIC!BTSOP!BDie ISD-ES302
ISD4002-240 4.0 min 4.0 DIP!BSOIC!BTSOP!BDie ISD-ES302

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